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Call for quote and details on Larger Systems - We can provide any size system with or w/o crew.

Mini PA: Portable Handheld Speaker with Microphone - Battery Operated - Great for tours/walk throughs - Anchor Audio$49.
Small PA: 2 x 12" Spkrs, 2 x Spkr Stand,
Powered 100watt 4ch Mixer, Mic, Cables, & Stand
450's: 2 x Mackie SRM-450 V2 Powered Speakers (black), 2 x Speaker Stands, 1 x 4ch Mackie Mixer, Cables$149.
         Med PA: 2 x 15" Spkrs, 2 x Spkr Stand,
Powered 8ch Mixer, Mic/Stand/Cable Package
DJ Package: 2 x 450's 2 x 15" Powered Subs Mackie 802 Mixer w/ Cables$249.
Live Rig: 24ch Mackie, 2 x 18" Subs, 2 x 15" Mid Hi, 4 x
Monitors, 16 ch Snake, 4 x EQ's, 4 x Comp/Gate, 1 x CD, Microphone & Stands Package w/ All Cables
Monitor Package A: 8 x EAW 15"x1" Wedge,
2 x Lab.Gruppen 2400Q 4ch Amps, 8ch Ashly Protea Digital EQ, 8 x NL4 Speaker Cables, 1 x 8ch 30' XLR Snake, 1 x 8ch 10' XLR Snake
Monitor Package B: 4 x EAW 15"x1" Wedge, 1 x Lab.Gruppen 2400Q 4ch Amp, 4 ch Ashly 31 Band EQ, 4 x NL4 Speaker Cables, 8 x XLR Cable$399.
Sub Package A: 2 x EAW Dual 18's, Crown Macro 3600 watt Amp, Ashly X-Over, Cables.$299.
Sub Package B: 2 x JBL 18" Subs, Crown XTI-2000 Amp w/ DSP X-Over, Cables.$149.
Mic-Stand-Cable Package: 4 x SM58 Vocal Mic, 4 x SM-57 Inst Mic, 2 x Overhead Condensor Mics, 1 x Beta 52 Kick,
2 x DI Box, 10 x Mic Stands, 16 x Mic Cables.
Mackie SRM-450 V2 Powered Speaker - NOW BLACK!!$50.
Mackie SRM-350 Powered Speaker$40.
RCF 10" Powered Speaker - Very Clean & Compact w/ Great Sound$50.
Mackie C300 12" x 1" Speaker (Un-Powered 450)$40.
Cerwin Vega PS-15 15" x 2" Speaker$50.
Cerwin Vega PS-215 Dual 15" Sub$50.
EAW LA 212 12" x 2" Monitor or Main Speaker$75.
EAW 159z 15" x 1" Monitor Speaker$45.
McCauley SM12-1 12" x 1" Monitor$50
McCauley SA288 2x18" Sub$100.
EAW LA128z 2x18" Sub$75.
Mackie 808S Powered 8ch Mixer w/ Dual 600w Amp Main/Main or Main/Mon$60.
Mackie 406S Powered 6ch Mixer w/ Dual 300w Amp Main/Main or Main/Mon$45.
Mackie 802VLZ4 8ch Mixer$35.
Mackie 1642 16ch Mixer$50.
Mackie Onyx 32ch Mixer$110.
SoundCraft Delta 12ch Mixer$149.
Yamaha 32ch x 12 Monitor Mixer$159.
Midas MR18 Digital Tablet Based Mixer$80
Midas M32 32ch Digital Console$350
Behringer X32 32ch Digital Console$200.
Ipad / Router Package for MR18 / M32 / X32$75.
Midas DL16 Digital 16ch Stage Box 16x8$80
CAT 5 Snake on Real 150'$50.
Snake: 40 x 16 x 300' Main Trunk / 30' Monitor Trunk Isolated Splitter Snake.$300.
Mic-Stand-Cable Package: 4 x SM58 Vocal Mic, 6 x SM-57 Inst Mic, 2 x Overhead Condensor Mics, 1 x Beta 52 Kick,
2 x DI Box, 13 x Mic Stands, 20 x Mic Cables.
                                      Analog Processing / FX
T.C. Electronics M-One FX/Reverb$40.
T.C. Electronics D-Two Delay$40.
Yamaha SPX-990$40.
Yamaha SPX-90 Reverb$20.
Presonus ACP-88 8ch Comp/Gate$40.
Ashly 2ch 31band EQ 3102$50.
Rane 2ch 31band EQ GE-60$40.
Ashly Protea 4ch 31band Digital EQ w/ Compression$75.
Ashly Protea 4ch add on EQ w/ Compression$50.
Ashly Protea Hand Held Remote $25.
                                       Wireless Mics
Shure PGX Wireless w/ Hand Held SM58$50.
Shure PGX Wireless w/ Hdst or Lav$50.
Shure ULX/P w/ Beta 58 Hand Held$80.
Shure ULX/P w/ Belt Pack (hdst, lav, gtr)$90.
                                       Wired Mics
Shure SM-58 Vocal Mic$10.
Shure SM-57 Instrument Mic$9.
Shure Beta 58 Vocal Mic$12.
Shure Beta 57 Instrument Mic$10.
Shure PG58 w/ Switch General Use Mic$7.
Shure Beta 52 Kick$15.
Shure Beta 91 Kick Plate$24.
AKG D-112 Kick$15.
Mic Cable 10'-50'$3.
Mic Stand Tripod or Boom$5.
Snake: 40 x 16 x 300' Main Trunk / 30' Monitor Trunk Isolated Splitter Snake.$250.
Snake: 24 x 8 x 130' Snake w/ XLR Returns$69.
Snake: 16 x 4 x 100' Snake w/ XLR Returns$49.
Sub Snake: 12 x 30' Sub Snake$25.
Complete 4 Station Wired Com: 2ch Base Station, 3 Belt Pack, 4 Single Muff Headsets, Cables, Case$200.
Wireless 4ch Com Package: 1 Base Station, 4 Wireless Belt Packs, 4 Single Muff Headsets, Case$350
Telex 2ch Base Station$40
Telex 1ch Belt Pack$18.
Production Intercom Single Muff Headset$20.
Production Intercom Telephone Handset$10.
Production Intercom Blaze-On Strobe w/ Buzzer$16.
100' XLR Cable$9.